About the project

Today, GPS Navigators have become indispensable helpers not only for drivers, but also for travelers. Times when people navigated the terrain with a compass and maps are disappearing – their place is being taken by navigators. Not only do the navigators show the way to a destination using known roads – they also allow you to store a new interesting route based on the roads and paths not to be found on a regular map.

Navigators have become widespread in tourism sector. The ability to capture and store a new tourist route makes GPS navigators extremely useful devices.

Although travel agencies offer vast variety of options for sightseeing tours, lots of interesting places worth visiting are still out of their focus. Moreover, during group excursions your time is strictly regulated and you have to subdue yourself to the majority of tour participants’ choice. Thanks to the navigators you now have an opportunity to free yourself from any restrictions otherwise imposed on you as a group tour participant. You can attend a variety of architectural monuments of the past and present both in your native country, and abroad in a convenient mode, and without fear of getting lost in an unfamiliar city.

Our green planet, in addition to its historical and architectural monuments, hides in its depths beautiful and amazing creations of nature not indicated at any map. It is the navigators that allow you to return to those places and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

“GPSholiday” service gives all travel fans a great opportunity to purchase for a nominal fee new customized travel routes. Rest assured that these are the real routes, which have been passed by other travelers before you.

Every GPS tourist route has a detailed description of all the waypoints with photos and video. The route creators provide you with a variety of complete and accurate information to make your trip as comfortable and interesting as possible. In addition to general information and impressions about the places to visit you will also have information about eating establishments where you can enjoy cheap and tasty meals, as well as the hotels to stay overnight.

There is also an opportunity to leave comments on each route that will allow you to find out different people’s opinions about a particular route, and really make the right choice.

You can also create your very own GPS route and offer it to other travel fans.

Since the routes are stored as a universal file that can be transferred to other navigators of different brands, everyone who likes to travel can join the new route, go to unexplored places and get new experience whether driving a vehicle or hiking.

Our website is a kind of a social network that unites all travel lovers.

GPS route will not let you get lost in an unfamiliar area! You can always find your way home!

With a GPS route you get maximum enjoyment from the trip!