How to buy travel?

GPSHoliday offers paid travels, uploaded by GPSHoliday users for sale. Lots of interesting places and attractions existing in your country and which you may be unaware of are waiting for you. Use GPSHoliday route search bar to select the desired route. When you have found a suitable route, go to this route page and click "Buy." If this button is grayed out, it means that the route is free, and you can just load it to your navigator. You can read here how to download a journey to the navigator.

Once you have clicked on the "Buy" button, the system will prompt you to go through easy registration, although you can skip this step. Registration allows you access to already paid routes at any time (you can find them in the “Personal Office”, which becomes available after login).

Click "I do not want to register, just want to buy" in order to proceed with the payment. This takes you to "Inter-checkout" system. Route cost in US currency ($) appears in the upper left corner of the page.

Choose a convenient payment method for example by "VISA" credit card. To do this, click on "VISA" button. The system then prompts you to select the currency in which you would be willing to pay. After selecting the currency, click "Pay".

Next step (page/dialog window) asks you to enter your banking/credit card data.

After entering the data, click "Pay". Enter your phone number to which a confirmation code will be sent and click "Send Message"

Enter the code received in the message in the required box and click "Confirm".

Then press "Pay".

After about a few minutes, the system will process the request and display the next page.

Wait until Inter-checkout automatically takes you to the route download page. Click "Download route".

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