How to make money with GPSholiday?

   If you are constantly traveling, you probably know a lot of places that are very beautiful, but unfortunately, little known. If you know the best way how to get to a particular object, you can easily sell this information to those people who really need it. Everyone knows that in the post-USSR countries not all the roads are in good condition (especially those in Ukraine and Russia). Each time, before hitting the road, we look for the optimal path with a suitable road surface and attractive route.

   Unfortunately modern GPS navigator maps lack information about road quality, and it often turns out that the Navigator "helps" you to end up in the middle of nowhere. The recorded route is a guarantee that you will not get lost and will keep to already proven path.

   If you experienced some interesting and useful routes that can ease the journey, and also can make it enjoyable and fun, then you are definitely welcome here. Our "GPS Holiday" system is a kind of a social network that brings together travel lovers.

Company’s Work Policy with Users Selling Routes In "GPSholiday" System

   If you decide to lay out a route for sale, you should:

and then click on the button:

After registration go to "My Account" (“Personal Office”) (page/tab) and in "Your Profile" tab fill in information about yourself. You will be asked to provide your bank card number, together with the issuing bank name. This information will enable "GPSholiday" administration to transfer you the money you have earned for the sale of services.

   Funds accounting is done at the end of each calendar month and the 5th day of the following month the money you earned will be transferred to your account. All route prices are given only in dollars. The route price is set by you, taking into account the usefulness and value of information provided.
   In the "Personal Account" there is a panel "Sales Reports" that displays information on your sold routes.
"GPSholiday" System is merely a tool that allows you to upload routes for sale as well as buy them. One of its peculiarities is that you yourself determine how to advertise your route.

   You can advertise your route in social networks. Here you can find a great deal of advertising options. For example, if you have a page in any social network, you can post a link on your wall together with a brief description of your route. Mentioning your route in your status is yet another effective option. In this case it will be seen by everybody. You can also create themed albums describing your route; just make sure to include your route link.

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