How to unload your journey from GPS

If you travel with GPS Navigator, you will know that it writes routes. You can post your own routes for sale and add beautiful photos and descriptions. For this please go to Route Design page.

If you want to save your route in GPSHoliday service to put it up for sale, you need to register. To do this, you can attempt an easy registration through social networks. To do this, click on the "Login" button.

So now we are on the route design page. Please click on "Upload from a navigator" button.

The system will then prompt you to install the Garmin plug-in (unless already installed), which is required to work with Garmin navigators. Click on "Install Garmin plug-in", which redirects you to Garmin official site.

Click on "Install now" button. The browser will prompt you to download the installation file. Download and save it.
Once you have downloaded the file, set the Garmin plug-in on your computer. Refresh the route download page. "Search navigator" button should appear.

Connect your GPS via USB to your computer and wait a minute for the computer to recognize the device. Then click "Search navigator" button. The system displays the found device. Click on "Upload routes" button.

System displays list of routes which were found in your GPS. Select one of them and click "Download to a map".

In order to save the route and put it on sale in GPSHoliday, you have to press "Save and Add Route Description" button.

The system will then prompt you to enter the name of the would-be route.

Enter the name of the route, and then click "Save" button.