How to download journey to the navigator?

GPSHoliday offers a free tool to download travel routes into Garmin brand Navigators. Use GPSHoliday route search bar to select the desired route. When you have found a suitable route, go to this route page and press "Download to navigator" button. If this button is grayed out, it means that the route is available for an extra charge and you need to buy it first. For information on how to buy a route, you can read here.

After that, you will be redirected to the route download page with the route shown on the map. Click on "Download to Navigator" button.

The system will then prompt you to install the Garmin plug-in (unless already installed), which is required to work with Garmin navigators. Click on "Install Garmin plug-in", which redirects you to Garmin official site.

Click on "Install now" button. The browser will prompt you to download the installation file. Download and save it. Once you have downloaded the file, set the Garmin plug-in on your computer. Refresh the route download page. "Search navigator" button should appear.

Connect your GPS via USB to your computer and wait a minute for the computer to recognize the device. Then click "Search navigator" button. The system displays the found device, and prompts you to enter the name of the route. Once you have entered a route name, click on "Download route" button.

To activate a route in the Navigator, you need to follow these instructions:

  • 1. After downloading the route, turn on your navigator
  • 2. Go to the menu "Tools" at the bottom right of the navigator screen
  • 3. Select "User Data" item
  • 4. From the list provided select "Import a route from a file"
  • 5. The navigator will provide you with a list of all routes downloaded to the navigator
  • 6. Check the interesting routes and click "Import"
  • 7. Navigator will calculate the route; just wait for 100 percent load to appear
  • 8. Now, all routes are ready to use
  • 9. To follow the route, in the "Tools" menu (see step 2) select the "Routes" and select your preferred route
  • 10. Upon pressing "Start" after route selection the system will prompt to follow the selected route