Travel with Android

    Each time going on a journey you start planning your route on a map. Of course, it is not much fun to travel with a map in hand or with a navigator, which again led you astray. During your journey there are so many questions, including whether I have chosen the right way or have not strayed off course. Now with the help of innovative technology you can plan your trip in advance, or download a ready-made route, and then upload it to your GPS. With the development of Android operating system, it makes no sense buying a separate GPS receiver, since you can download the necessary navigation software from Google Play and install it on your phone or tablet. In this article we will describe how to travel with the help of Android. As a model navigation program we will take OsmAnd. So let's start.

   Before the beginning of the journey you need to prepare the route. To do this, go to the route editor or you can download a ready-made route here. So now we are on the route design page. To begin drawing a route, select a pencil in the left menu.

Hold down the left mouse button and draw a route on a map.

If you want to remove a part of the route, press "Select" and outline the route area you want to delete. Then click "Delete".

If you do not want to draw a route from scratch, you can select points through which the route is supposed to take place and the system will automatically build a route. To do this, click on "Magnifier" in the menu on the left and enter the points, through which the route is going to pass. Then click "Pave the Way (Create a Route)". The system will automatically build a route.

You can edit it using the above tools. Everything is quite simple. You can also save the route and put it on sale in the GPSHoliday. Once you have prepared the route click on "Download for Android" in the upper right corner of the route editor and save the chosen route to your computer. Next thing you need is to download "OsmAnd" application from Google Play and install it on your phone or tablet. After that, connect your tablet (phone) to your computer, find and open "OsmAnd" folder and create a "tracks" folder in it.

Copy your route to this location.

Go to the "OsmAnd" program and select "Map".

Click on the menu in the lower left corner.

Select "Route" menu item.

Click on "Auto" icon.

Select the "GPX Route".

After that, press "Select GPX" menu item.

Choose the route that you previously copied into "tracks" folder.

After downloading the track, click on the blue arrow in the lower right corner.

Now you can travel the route. Do not forget to turn up the sound on the tablet (phone), as OsmAnd will not only show, but also say where to go.

Have a nice trip!
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