What is GPS route?

In order to understand what GPS route is, first we want to ask you the following questions:

GPSholiday offers an innovative way to solve all these problems. Using the other travelers’ experience (in the form of GPS route), you will make your trip easy and enjoyable. From a physical standpoint GPS route is a file that contains a series of coordinates. This file can be loaded into a GPS navigator, which builds a route based on the sequence of coordinates. This innovative travel approach allows travelers to share their travel experiences.

The question is: "Where do other tourists get GPS routes from, the ones they later upload in GPSholiday?"
The answer is very simple: "Every time you go on a journey using the navigator, it records the route which you are using."

You can easily create a GPS route in GPSholiday system by uploading this information from your browser using our route editor and earn money by making it paid-for. Learn more about how to make money with GPSholiday here. How to unload routes with Navigator here.

GPSholiday wishes you a pleasant journey!

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